Neurofeedback is a non-invasive and fun method of normalizing brain activity. It is performed by using an EEG device to determine the brain waves used to control a video game or other audiovisual content. In neurofeedback, the player controls the video game with his thoughts, and in an effort to improve the game, he improves his brain waves and thus the brain learns new patterns.

Brain waves are a reflection of specific mental states, and some brain wave patterns may be more or less desirable for certain activities. For example, a child who has attention problems is very likely to have increased slow brain activity, the so-called theta val. In neurofeedback, we teach the brain to achieve optimal brainwave patterns and thus learn to improve a certain activity.

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Art therapy and game therapy

We get to know the child's inner world, strengthen concentration, attention, divergent thinking, sensorimotor skills, perception and many other aspects. Therapy that enables the resolution or alleviation of emotional, behavioral or developmental problems.

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