The Center for Parenting Development is dedicated to the development of children through parental empowerment.

T hrough joint work, we focus on developing parenting competencies, dialogue and encouraging open parenting conversations through expert advice and sharing experiences with other parents in the group, so that together we can advance in the role of parents that has changed the parenting paradigm. parents and their self-esteem.
At the Parenting Center, we want to unite all stages of a child's development from birth to preschool and school age.
For our babies and parents, we have designed a massage and dating program according to the IAIM program (International Association of Infant Massage). Parents under the guidance of certified instructors massage their baby and learn about her needs in the earliest days of life. We also teach parents the baby handling method.
For our pre-schoolchildren and schoolchildren, the massage program announced is adapted to their age, because why should only adults enjoy relaxation and benefits. Abroad, the massage program in schools is part of the curriculum and their children go through the day with less stress and with more focus on themselves, listening to their emotions, but also others.
Also, through ART therapy and play therapy, which can be conducted both individually and in groups in working with children of early and preschool age, we focus on the socio-emotional development of the child.
The program in the announcement for children with learning difficulties, concentration, reduced attention, impulsive reactions, ADHD and epilepsy, through neurofeedback techniques, we dedicate to their progress and improvement of the general condition of the child.


"Happy parents happy children"

Provide parents with an environment in which they develop supportive parenting through practical work with the child, exchange of experiences with other parents and theoretical background. In this way, parents help their children to create a positive image of themselves and the world through the earliest experiences. In sharing experiences with group parents and instructors, parents talk about their beautiful and less beautiful moments that made them parents and thus feel support and strength for further challenges.


"Awareness that the first year of life is the foundation for integrated development"

We believe that creating a connection with a child from the first days is a prerequisite for the overall psychological, emotional and intellectual development of a person. We want to make parents aware of how important it is to be present, to see their baby and to understand what he wants to tell them, and later to participate in the growth of their children through meaningful activities for their development.


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