The workshop includes

5 meetings once a week for 90min. In each workshop you will learn massage techniques for individual body parts and their benefits. Due to group dynamics, socializing and sharing experiences, we work in small groups of up to 6 parents and babies. Certified IAIM instructors show movements on the doll with weight, and parents massage their baby.

At the workshop each meeting we have a theoretical part of the lesson, time to talk to other parents and learn massage techniques for; 

  1. Legs and arms
  2. Abdomen and chest
  3. Face and shoulders
  4. Back
  5. Gentle touch and massage against colic

Who is it for and in how many months can we come?

Baby massage is intended for all babies and their parents, and we start with baby massage from birth. It is advisable to come when the mother and baby are recovering from birth and when the baby gets used to the new world around him, from about a month old. Of course you can go and when the child is older, it is never too late to go with a massage and touch. We work on workshops with babies up to 12 months of age according to a special program, and after the first year, techniques for older children are applied.


There are 3 types of childbirth, depending on the term:

  • Premature birth: when the baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy
  • Term birth: when a baby is born between the 37th and 42nd week of pregnancy
  • Post-term delivery: when a baby is born after the 42nd week of pregnancy

Premature babies or baby thumbs have two ages:

  • The chronological age is the actual age of the baby, it is calculated from the date of birth and does not depend on premature birth.
  • The corrected age is obtained by subtracting the weeks of prematurity from the actual age, ie the number of weeks missing until the term delivery (usually up to 2 years of age).

You come to the massage when you feel ready or when you feel it is time to get to know your baby and her messages even better. A lot of exercise, encouragement, conversation and stimulation of the child can alleviate the difficulties, and in some children they may disappear completely.


What should I bring for a massage?

Take to the massage everything you normally wear when you are leaving the house, tetra diaper, towel or blanket. You will be greeted by massage oil and a warm space with everything you need to relax and enjoy with your baby.


Why massage your child?

One of the biggest benefits is creating a sense of connection and a better understanding of your child’s needs. The baby can’t tell us what she needs but she can show us, we just need to understand the needs. The benefits of skin-to-skin contact are globally recognized and very important in the first months of a child's life;

  • It is often practiced at birth when the baby is placed on the mother's chest and this is the first skin-to-skin touch, which is very important for the first bonding and attachement between mother and baby.
  • In this way, the baby's heart rate and breathing are regulated, which enables better adaptation to the world outside the womb
  • Stimulates digestion and stimulates interest in feeding
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Strengthens the immune system by switching good bacteria from the skin of the parents to the skin of the baby and thus prevents potential infections
  • Stimulates hormones that stimulate milk production
  • Stimulates the growth of oxytocin "love hormone"


Benefits of touching and cuddling with a baby

  • The foundation for healthy border setting at a later age
  • It encourages relaxation and calms the child
  • Improves muscle tone and circulation
  • Improves the respiratory and immune systems
  • Improves sleep habits
  • Reduces anxiety and stress

What if my child cries, can we come?

Every parent who comes to us ask yourself this question and the answer is of course you can. Our babies sometimes cry, sometimes sleep, are hungry or crawl in the other direction. It is important that we follow the pace of our babies and that parents know that they can take a break at any time and give the child what he needs. We will go through everything together in the introductory part of the workshop.


What are the benefits of IAIM massage?

  • helps parents to be more certain in raising a child
  • a clearer understanding of the child’s needs and what he or she wants to tell us
  • stimulates the development of nerve cells and motor skills
  • it has a relaxing and calming effect on the child
  • strengthens the child's emotional bond and closeness to the mother or father
  • improves sleeping and dreaming and reduces crying
  • relieves colic and tummy problems
  • encourages the development of premature babies
  • facilitates the process of postpartum depression and melancholy

Benefits of touch for thumbs and neo-natal care of premature babies

  • Skin-to-skin contact and kangaroo position are encouraged
  • Improves oxygen saturation
  • Reduces cortisol (stress hormone), especially in connection with painful procedures
  • Encourages pre-feeding and faster acceptance of supplementation or breastfeeding
  • It affects growth and development
  • May reduce hospitalization time
  • It stimulates lactation in mothers and enables the development of immunity


132.06 EUR995 kn

5 arrivals
For those who want to share experiences with other parents and babies

(work with an instructor in small groups)
  • Legs and arms
  • Abdomen and chest
  • Face and shoulders
  • Back
  • Gentle touch and massage against colic


194.44 EUR1465 kn

5 arrivals
For those who want private time with a coach

(working with an instructor one on one)
  • Legs and arms
  • Abdomen and chest
  • Face and shoulders
  • Back
  • Gentle touch and massage against colic


132.06 EUR995 kn

5 arrivals
For those who are not close to us and want to understand their baby better

(work with an instructor in an online group)
  • Legs and arms
  • Abdomen and chest
  • Face and shoulders
  • Back
  • Gentle touch and massage against colic