At the Baby handling workshop

We are soon learning to properly raise, feed, bathe and swaddle a baby. We focus on the correct patterns of movement from birth until the child walks.


At the workshop, parents learn the techniques of proper treatment of the child:

  1. Lifting, lowering and carrying a baby
  2. Feeding a baby depends on whether the baby is breastfed or bottle-fed
  3. Diaper changing and changing clothes
  4. Bathing the baby and laying down to sleep

Who is it for and in how many months can we come?

To acquire adequate movement patterns, we start with baby handling from birth and we can learn it until the child walks. It is intended for parents and their babies. It is recommended to do two visits, one during pregnancy when the parents practice activities on the weighted doll, and the second time with their baby, when we show activities and movements on the baby.

It is advisable to come when the mother and baby are recovering from birth and when the baby gets used to the new world around him, from about a month old. Of course, you can start even when the child is older, it is never too late to learn the correct activities and movements for your child.

The method was developed according to Bobath therapy and was developed in response to the care of neurorisk babies. In the first three months of the baby, it is crucial to properly hold the baby in your arms for the motor and overall development of the baby. In this way we allow the baby to feel safe and comfortable. We use movements and techniques until the child walks, and then new adventures begin.

What should I bring?

If you come to an individual class during pregnancy, you don't need anything because we are working on a weighted doll. When you come for the first time with your baby, bring everything you normally wear on a date or walk, a tetra diaper, towel, or blanket.